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Washington University Group Organizer is Washington University’s online hub for student involvement.


A group dedicated to (1) furthering the inclusion and opportunities of people with disabilities through campus events and community volunteer work and (2) fostering an atmosphere of thoughtful discussion around "disability" and "ability" at WashU

Academic Team (WUAT)

Washington University's quiz bowl club. We compete in academic/quiz bowl events across the region and the country while promoting quiz bowl among Missouri high schools.

Active Minds at WashU (Active Minds)

Help us change the conversation about Mental Health by programming, educating, and talking about Mental Health to reduce stigma and create a safe environment for everyone!

African Students Association (ASA) Our mission is to advance political, social, cultural, and economic awareness about the African continent

After Dark (After Dark Co-ed A Cappella)

After Dark is a co-ed a cappella group that sings everything from pop to country to alternative. We can't wait to welcome new members into the group this fall. We love to sing together, and that's what makes us After Dark.

All Student Theatre (AST)

All Student Theatre is one of three Washington University in St Louis student theater organizations. We produce one major production every spring on Brookings Quad, and host a Cabaret night each semester.

Alpha Chi Sigma (AXE)

We are a professional and social fraternity for men and women in the chemical sciences.

Alpha Delta Phi (Alpha Delts)

Alpha Delta Phi (Alpha Delt) is Wash U's newest social fraternity with strong literary roots. We aim to develop men morally, socially and intellectually.

Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED)

We are a pre-health honorary on campus, commending students for their excellence in academics, commitment to volunteerism, and interest in Pre-health.

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